Friday, July 17, 2020

Is click-and-collect the future of shopping?

The Beguiling, a comic-book shop in Toronto, takes a creative approach to kerbside pickup with a Peanuts-inspired 'help' booth (Credit: Peter Birkemoe)

According to Adobe Analytics, US click-and-collect orders – both kerbside and in-store pick-up – surged 208% between 1 April and 20 April, compared to a year ago. Although this pace of growth has since slowed as shops have begun to reopen, adoption remains high, indicating that many people who tried these services while shops were closed are likely to continue to use them after they reopen.
 Adobe researchers also found that 23% of online shoppers prefer some form of click-and-collect over having orders delivered to their homes. 
 Kerbside pick-up bridges the gap between ecommerce and physical retail, offering consumers the immediacy and familiarity of driving to the shops for their purchases alongside the relative ease and safety of ordering online. 


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