Monday, May 7, 2018

Memory of the Ephemeral

Pasted on the walls of Rome, Ostia, Naples, the portrait of Pier Paolo Pasolini carrying his death self in his arms. Just where the writer and film director lived and died. Pasted on the docks in Brest a man flattened against the wall as if put on the cross, a reference to the novel by Jean Genet published in 1947. Ernest Pignon-Ernest is an artist whose work is often born from reading, and who only draw to put his representation in a place where the story resonates. A man who is committed and discreet, the artist offers a vision both historical and political, making the space where he works a real artwork, offering the passerby a new vision of a neighborhood, a street, an address.
The artworks of Ernest Pignon-Ernest call out.


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