Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Introducing iBias, the Wearable Device That Customizes the News Based on What You Already Believe.

We live in an era of unprecedented technology and customization. We have our own personal devices, our own personal playlists, our own personal navigators guiding us on our own personal journeys. Even so, when surfing the Internet, we’re still sometimes confronted with stress-inducing news stories that aren’t compatible with the quirky and deeply entrenched biases that make us who we are. And, occasionally, those stories might even lead us to wake up in a cold sweat and wonder if we might possibly be wrong. Well, the team here at News Bubble, Inc., wants to insure that you never have to wonder that again. Using our proprietary TruthSculpting™ algorithm, we optimize information from your bias profile to deliver the journalistic reality you already believed anyway, via your Personal News Wearable.
Here are just a few of the basic iBias news-customization packages we currently offer:
 iBias Conservative (With or Without Puppies n’ Soldiers Videos)


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