Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Think You Know Me, Facebook, But You Don't Know Anything

How well does Facebook know you?
To the amusement — and possibly relief — of many, the answer seems to be not as well as it might hope. A recent New York Times article highlighted a new feature on the social media network that allows users to see what interests Facebook thinks they have, and what advertisements might be generated to target those preferences. Those targeted ads might spring up as the "suggested posts" you see on the sides of your news feed or scrolling down through your friends' status updates.
As websites like Facebook and Google have learned to track where users visit and what they search online, they can better sell to advertisers their ability to place relevant products in front of interested people. The Times found that Facebook could even pinpoint users' political leanings, based not just on which politicians' pages users liked but also on their interactions with websites and products that might have a partisan leaning.
 But people have noticed that not every targeted ad that Facebook picks is a gem.
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