Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tiny People with Big Love Stories

In the surrealist world of Thai photographer Ekkachai Saelow, wedding rings grow on trees.
 His whimsical wedding photography business, literally translated as Small Person, transforms engaged couples and newlyweds into miniature versions of themselves, living in a more fantastical world.
 To achieve his imaginative brand of absurdism, Saelow crops his subjects out of original photographs and inserts them into a small-scale landscape (such as a toy truck or a tree branch).
 He then applies a tilt-shift effect to create the illusion that the couple has shrunken to a plastic doll-like height of two inches. The result is a charming blend of humor and heart, offering a unique spin on traditional wedding photos. And, though the couples are physically small, the photos prove that their love remains mighty.


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