Saturday, June 4, 2016

HoloTrump and the future of elections

Imagine this. It's 2nd November, 2020. A confident Donald Trump is in the final stages of campaigning for re-election. It's the day before the country heads to the polls, and Trump is courting the vote in no fewer than 20 states. He's everywhere, frankly. It's The Donald, multiplied. Using holograms, he's able to speak everywhere at once.
 But Kanye West has other ideas. Keeping, as we all knew he would, to his 2016 promise to run for office, the rapper hasn't bothered to leave the house. Instead, a fleet of drones is swarming across the country, dropping "Yes we Kanye!" to confused, slightly scared voters below.
Watching all this is Mark Zuckerberg. He's working on PresiBot - an artificial intelligence being which, my time-travelling sources have assured me, rises to glorious power in 2032. Like?


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