Thursday, May 26, 2016

Croatia will continue to be, for a long time to come, a country of hopelessness, a country its citizens will emigrate from, a country whose citizens have given up their own prosperity.

Head of the working group for the implementation of a comprehensive curricular reform Boris Jokić and his team have resigned, citing political pressure as an explanation, adding that their decision is final. “In this process, we currently do not have the impression that there is a support for us as a group and trust in us as people to take this process further. We were fully ready for a dialogue, we were ready for the expansion of the working group, however, we cannot agree to political influences”, said Jokić at a press conference.

“Political pressure in this case is simple. The Parliamentary Committee has decided to expand the working group, which would not be problematic if it was somehow communicated. However, the description of what the group was supposed to do does not match the description and nature of what this reform has been from the very beginning. The group is supposed to determine what is acceptable and what is not, which suggests certain censorship procedures and takes us back to the communist era”, explained Jokić.


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