Friday, February 22, 2013

Ingrid Anticevic Marinovic in the European Parliament: Pipl mast trast as!

Croatia's Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic said, dissatisfied with some diplomats, that those who will not be able to at least ten minutes fluent in English to talk to her will not be able to be in Croatian diplomatic missions. Is it worth such a criterion for MPs / who will go to the European institutions? Quite specifically: has proven their knowledge of the English language? Maybe we should, at least judging from the reaction SDP MPs ovke Ingrid Anticevic Marinovic.

Education Minister Zeljko Jovanovic commented on the case on Wednesday his party Ingrid Anticevic Marinovic, who in his speech at the European Parliament showed rather ignorance of English. “Appointments to the EU Parliament must be political, but lawmakers must also satisfy the criteria of expertise and provided important knowledge of foreign languages,” said Jovanovic, and continued: “The issue of the English language is important, but I can tell you, based on their experiences in the Council of Ministers, that neither ministers nor all MEPs do not know English. Croatian Parliament in the EU will be the official language and each agent who will represent Croatia in the liquid will be able to compete for Croatian Croatian attitude. important thing is to know another language in order to communicate with colleagues, “said Jovanovic.


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