Saturday, January 5, 2013

Croat woman fights off wolf with her bare hands

Short-sighted shepherd Jelena Lasic has told how she fought off a wolf with her bare hands when she mistook it for a dog attacking her flock in Berinovac, Croatia. Jelena, 42, leapt into action when she thought she'd seen a stray pooch worrying her sheep as they grazed. But within seconds she found herself in a life or death struggle as she wrestled a savage, wild wolf. "When I realised it was a wolf and not a dog it was too late, we were already fighting," she said. "He ran off after I'd hit him a few times and got him in a headlock. I think he was surprised at someone fighting back. "Maybe if I'd had my glasses with me I wouldn't have been so brave," added Jelena.


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