Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent in Zagreb

"The manifestation 'Advent in Zagreb' begins with the traditional lighting of the first advent candle at the Ban Jelacic Square, 26th November at 17:00. Zagreb Tourist Board has further enriched the program, so this year, there is a new project 'Advent on Zrinjevac' and on 2nd December, Multimedia 3D Mapping projection takes place in front of the Mimara Museum. 3D Mapping projection program begins at 19:00, when visitors will experience the ultimate virtual show with the musical entertainment and refreshment at occasional bar.. Grand opening of the Advent in Zrinjevac is scheduled for 3rd December at 18:00 and includes various musical events on the stage of the old city pavilion. There will be concerts every day, waltzes, and carefully selected music programs..all visitors to these musical events will be able to enjoy the forgotten Zagreb specialties: flakes with cabbage, homemade soup or baked strukli, warm up with hot chocolate or mulled wine and buy unique souvenirs and Christmas ornaments. Except in Zrinjevac, festive atmosphere will rule on many other locations in Zagreb,
so come and explore."


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