Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stork lover 'Rodan' late in coming back from Africa

"The world-renowned stork lover Rodan has failed to return to Croatia from South Africa on the day he was expected, leading many to fear that something happened to the bird on his way back.

The loving stork couple Rodan and Malena from Croatia’s eastern town of Brodski Varos harnessed fame when newspapers around the world carried their unusual love story. For nine years now, Rodan has been returning after a journey south to his lover confined to her nest due to a wing injury. Over the course of the years, the couple had some 32 chicks.

But this year Rodan had worried Malena’s keeper Stjepan Vokic as the unusually punctual bird is late.

Another male stork has moved into an abandoned nest near Malena, leading some anxious Facebook followers of the story to believe that this could be a replacement sent by Rodan aware he could no longer return to his loved one."
 Croatian Times Online News 

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