Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My friend is a blonde

"There is a blonde and a brunette. They share their ranch and have lots of female cows. One day, they decide to get a male for breeding to their female cows. So the brunette went down to texas with her life savings of $200 to buy a male cow. She searched up and down and all around and finally found a man that would sell her a cow for $199. Very excited, she bought the cow right away. She then went to the telegram office to send the blonde a telegram to tell her to bring the trailer so they could take the cow back home. She says 'Sir, i need a telegram' 'What will it say mam?' 'I found a male cow. Bring the trailer.' 'Ok mam, that will be $7. One dollar a word' The brunette only had one dollar left so she said 'Oh, sorry. I need to change the telegram.' 'Ok what does it need to say' 'Comfortable.' 'Umm mam, it's none of my businessm but i don't think she will understand that, you know that right?' 'Well, you see, my friend is a blonde and she reads REALLY slow. When she gets the telegram, she will read it like this:

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