Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Choose a Yorkshire Terrier?

Many people want a Yorkshire Terrier because they think carrying their dog everywhere they go would be fun.
They also think training will be easy.
Talk to people who have Yorkies and ask
them how much time and energy they put into caring for their dogs.Ask how much they spend every year on grooming,bedding,veterinary care,and high-quality dog food.A dog is not like
a piece of furniture sitting in the corner that you can ignore or forget about.
Owning this breed
may involve rearranging your schedule and devoting special time just for your dog. Can you
protect him from larger dogs,or from careless children who may drop or step on him ?
Are you willing to spend at least ten minutes every day combing and brushing him, another
20 minutes taking him for a walk ?If you can do all these things ,then the Yorkshire Terrier
may be the right breed for you.You'll be rewarded by having an intelligent,independent yet loving dog greet you every morning and snuggle against you every evening.

Source:"Your Yorkshire Terrier's Life" by E.W.Gewirtz

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