Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Croatian Herding Dog From Posavina

Although Croatia’s herding dog from Posavina has similar origins to all other central-European herding dogs, it has developed further along through selection processes, getting its name from the Croatian region were it originates from. This breed developed and spread, although not along the Sava River, as the Slovenes had contended at one time. According to their theory, the Posavski herding dog is a Slovenian indigenous breed, originating around the mouth of the Sava River in Slovenia, although they were soon to drop this line of argument - the first written references to this breed of dog can be found in the archives of the Croatia’s Djakovo Archdiocese, dating from 1737. Since then they have been distinguished by their hunting skills, and highly developed instincts for marking out - pointing out game (a dog which smells out game and then points until the hunter is ready to fire). Hungarians have used this breed as the corner stone in their crossbreeding efforts with their own wire-haired Viszla."

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