Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This Love
This loveSo violentSo fragileSo tenderSo hopelessThis loveBeautiful as the dayAnd bad as the weatherWhen the weather is badThis love so trueThis love so beautifulSo happySo joyousAnd so patheticTrembling with fear like a child in the darkAnd so sure of itselfLike a tranquil man in the middle of the nightThis love that made others afraidThat made them speakThat made them go paleThis love intently watchedBecause we intently watch itRun down hurt trampled finished denied forgottenBecause we ran it down hurt it trampledit finished it denied it forgot itThis whole entire loveStill so livelyAnd so sunnyIt's yoursIt's mineThat which has beenThis always new thingAnd which hasn't changedAs true as a plantAs trembling as a birdAs warm as live as summerWe can both of usCome and goWe can forgetAnd then go back to sleepWake up suffer grow oldGo back to sleep againAwake smile and laughAnd feel youngerOur love stays thereStubborn as an assLively as desireCruel as memoryFoolish as regretsTender as remembranceCold as marbleBeautiful as dayFragile as a childIt watches us, smiling
And it speaks to us without saying a wordAnd me I listen to it, tremblingAnd I cry outI cry out for youI cry out for meI beg youFor you for me for all who love each otherAnd who loved each otherYes I cry out to itFor you for me and for all the othersThat I don't knowStay thereThere where you areThere where you were in the pastStay thereDon't moveDon't go awayWe who loved each otherWe've forgotten youDon't forget usWe had only you on the earthDon't let us become coldAlways so much farther awayAnd anywhereGive us a sign of lifeMuch later on a dark nightIn the forest of memoryAppear suddenlyHold your hand out to usAnd save us
Jacques Prevert
For my husband and 20 years of our marriage.

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